• living room with textures

    Transform a Space with Texture

    Texture is key to adding dimension, visual interest and, most importantly, giving a room some soul. See design ideas to transform a space with texture.

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  • window treatments in a bedroom

    Keep Your Home Cozy with Energy-Efficient Shades

    Energy-efficient shades can go a long way toward keeping more warm air inside your house. See design ideas to help take the chill out of winter.

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  • Kitchen barstool island lighting

    The Basics of Kitchen Lighting

    The kitchen requires lighting that works for everything from meal prep and cleanup to quiet dinners and even homework. See design ideas to achieve the perfect kitchen lighting.

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  • Small Closets

    Big Ideas for Small Closets

    When it comes to a small clothes closet, the key to making it work starts with maximizing every inch of space.

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  • Natural Lighting

    Maximizing Light with Window Treatments

    Natural light is nature’s cure-all. See design ideas on how to maximize your light with window treatments.

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  • Holiday Greenery teaser

    Keeping Holiday Greenery Fresh

    Nothing welcomes in the holidays quite like fresh greenery. See tips on how to prevent your holiday greenery from quickly losing its luster.

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  • Cozy Fall

    Cozying Up Your House for Fall

    The arrival of fall signals the start of less time outdoors and more time inside. The following tips go a long way toward evoking a touch of everyday fall comfort in your home.

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  • Hiding Cords

    Getting Cords and Cables Under Control

    Nothing says “clutter” more than all those unsightly—yet unavoidable—tangled cords and wires from your computer, charger, printer, speakers, surge protector…and on and on. Learn tips for getting cords and cables under control.

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  • Smart Shades image teaser

    Add Some Smarts to Your Shades

    Today’s smart home arsenal consists of everything from smart door locks, thermostats and speakers to smart coffee makers, refrigerators and even smart shades.

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  • Gallery Wall of Photos

    Creating a Gallery Wall

    If you’re looking for a simple way to spruce up or add interest to a space, a gallery wall is your answer. Learn more about how to create your own gallery wall.

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  • Kitchen Countertop

    Low-Maintenance Countertops for Busy Kitchens

    A hardworking kitchen needs to stand up to everything which means you need countertops you can count on – without a lot of upkeep. Learn more about low-maintenance kitchen countertops.

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  • Child at window shades

    Cordless Window Treatments

    With their sleek, uncluttered look, cordless window treatments are an attractive option no matter what your taste in design. Learn about cordless window treatment options.

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