• Throw pillows on a couch

    Style Your Sofa with Throw Pillows

    Throw pillows are a practical design accessory. Give a room a refresh by adding this style tip. Click below to read more.

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  • Bamboo shades

    Custom Bamboo Window Shades

    Pull a room together with these eye-catching window treatments. Click below to read more.

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  • Fresh paint ideas

    Brighten Up

    Make any space livelier with a splash of color. Click below to read more.

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  • Bedroom ideas

    Creating a Bedroom Sanctuary

    If there’s one space in a home that demands comfort and coziness, it’s the bedroom. Click below to read more.

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  • Cordless Window Treatments

    Cordless Window Treatments

    Boasting a clean look, cordless window treatments are an attractive option for any room no matter what your taste in design. Click below to read more.

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  • Grade A Kitchen Sink Materials

    When it comes to a new kitchen sink, you want to make sure you select a material that best meets your needs. Click below to read more.

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  • Green seashell wallpaper.

    Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

    Peel-and-stick wallpaper is your ticket for a statement-making aesthetic without the commitment that traditional wallpaper requires. Click below to read more.

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  • Limewash

    Making the Most of Limewash

    Make the most of limewash paint to add something more to a color refresh. Click below for design ideas.

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  • Home office

    Shades for a Home Office

    Create a calm and productive space with stylish, functional window treatments. Learn about shades for a home office.

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  • Rain showerhead

    Elevate a Shower with a Rain Showerhead

    ENJOY A MORE SPA-LIKE EXPERIENCE If you’re looking to de-stress when you step into the shower, then a rain showerhead may be your ticket to relaxation. A rain showerhead has a wider diameter than a standard showerhead, so that water covers more space as it falls. It also has less water pressure than a standard [...] More  →
  • Winter Decorating

    Decorating Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

    Are you spending more time indoors than out, hunkered down on your couch, counting down the days until spring? See design ideas to help break out of the cold-weather funk.

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  • Fireplace with white brick

    Give Your Fireplace a Facelift

    The fireplace, whether working or not, is often a focal point. Consider the following easy ways to punch up your fireplace’s style.

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