Ceiling Fans

Create the perfect decorating statement by adding a ceiling fan to a room – and save money on heating and cooling too!

Not only do premium ceiling fans look great, they can save you energy year round.

Ceiling fans typically use over 5 times less electricity than central air conditioners and create a “wind-chill” like effect which can reduce your perception of the temperature by up to 6 degrees. That allows you to set your thermostat 6 degrees higher and run your air conditioning far less frequently.

In wintertime, running ceiling fans on their reverse setting draws cool air up from the floor and forces warm air down from the ceiling to create a more even temperature in the room and reduces the time your heating system runs.

Pioneer Window Fashions offers ceiling fans from several different vendors, and can work with you to find the perfect fan for your tastes. Whether you need a ceiling fan for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other living space, all your needs will be met.

Ceiling fans provide years of comfort and beauty and are suitable for most any room, especially family rooms, great rooms, kitchens and baths. Select from a wide variety of finishes, sizes and looks, from classic to contemporary styling.

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